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I was really surprised at how fast my dogs "got it." The water bombs for barking worked really well - and it was a fun way to train!
Margie S., Issaquah 17th January 2008

I was very happy with the initial consult and the techniques he taught us to immediately correct behavioral issues of our 2 dogs. We are working to make them accept our new dog Maggie, and are very happy with the progress made. We look forward to continues success in our training with Jack.
Sarah M., Bellevue 17th January 2008

Jack was very helpful and patient when helping us and our "strong-willed Cooper." We noticed a positive change in Cooper's response to us after Jack left (after the first session Cooper was already a bit more obedient!). We feel we have the tools to begin Cooper's new lifestyle. We will all be happier. We love knowing Bark Busters is here for us. We are motivated to start the Bark Busters way.
Satin C., Issaquah 17th January 2008

We were impressed with the effectiveness of the process. We are in our 2nd day, and our dog is responding amazingly wee and is still a happy, loving puppy! We enjoyed Jack our "therapist" and already are very pleased we started this process.
James B., Issaquah 17th January 2008

We enjoyed the session very much. Our dog, Abby, responded very well to the training and we were very confident when Jack left that we could continue with the training ourselves and that we would have success!
Linda S., Kirkland 17th January 2008

We are pleased with how easy the training is. It makes sense to us!
Tom P., Redmond 17th January 2008

This program has given me confidence that Penny can become a good "doggie citizen." Nothing is easy but having some insight of how a dog's mind works has helped so much. I appreciate the support Jack has given - now its diligence and perseverance!
C. Edelman, Bellevue 17th January 2008

I really thought we would be one of your hardest clients with our ever endingly yappy terriers, but within 5 minutes they responded. Then I was worried that it would be a problem again without the trainer here but they are completely different dogs now. I am happy!
R. Cox, Carnation 17th January 2008

Before Bark Busters, we couldn't get Ginny down the stairs without practically falling down. Everything was done in a civilized manner. Jack made everything easy to follow and was patient in his directions. We are very happy with the progress Ginny has made.
J. Mills, Issaquah 17th January 2008

In less than 72 hours, my dog (after 5½ years) has transformed from barking and obnoxious to a submissive, sweet and a non-barker. My trainer, Jack, was fabulous!
P. Iovino, Issaquah 17th January 2008

It's a miracle! Obi is an alpha dog with a lot of energy and even though he is small he was definitely in control. I finally feel we will have a wonderful life together! Jack has been great!
D. Weir, Issaquah 17th January 2008

Jack was very professional, engaging and knew just how to address the issues involved with Lucky!
M. Alexander, Sammamish 17th January 2008

Jack was very patient and worked well with my dog. Gadget has a tendency to be aggressive and doesn't like men a whole lot. He keep the training simple enough for us to follow and we are really doing well!
J. Combs, Maple Valley 17th January 2008

Jack has really started the gears of progress in our home. Through Jack's guidance and expertise (along with patience and warmth), we have all learned so much about healthy and productive ways to communicate with Barkley. Barkley is a "tough case," but we have already achieved a much greater degree of control and peace in our home. Thank you, Jack! You are an immense help to all of us.
Betsy and Peter, Bellevue 17th January 2008

I have a sweet, lovable 5½ yr old sheltie (Pokie) who we've had since he was 3 months old, but he was "TOTALLY" out of control. It finally came to the point that my husband threatened divorce, or we had to give Pokie away and that was not an option. So I went to PetSmart for help and right in the middle of the shock collar isle, I found myself literally crying and couldn't buy one. Then a representative of PetSmart suggested Bark Busters (and I did recall seeing their trucks) so I got the number and called Sarah Knudsen who immediately set my mind at ease.
Pam Iovino, Issaquah 3rd August 2007

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