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Jack is a phenomenal trainer. He is incredibly knowledgeable about dogs and I learned so much on the very first day about both my older dog and my puppy - from how to be the pack leader of the house to potty training the little guy and everything in between. I couldn't believe how quickly (3 tries) he taught my 5 year old dog to not go flying towards the door and bark like crazy when the doorbell rang and on our second session, Jack was able to teach me how to control my 5 year old to not attack another dog. He has already helped our family so much and I cannot wait to see the many more improvements in my fur babies in the future! Thanks so much Jack - you are a life savor!
Mackenzie W., Redmond, Washington 27th February 2015

Our adorable toy poodle has always been a "barker", announcing arrivals and departures whenever we have visitors at the house. We have tried a number of different techniques to tone down the insistent barking, but have not been successful. Finally, we called Bark Busters for help. In one visit, Jack showed us how to stop the barking with no ill effects to our dog. Amazing! Awesome! Our only question is why we didn't call Jack and Bark Busters years ago. A 5-star thumbs up to Bark Busters and Jack.
Michael R., Bellevue, Washington 27th February 2015

Jack is amazing. After our dog took another trainers shirt (from another company) and flung it around the house like a victory flag, I looked for a different kind of help for our 1 year old Golden Retriever. The pup jumped on every guest, dug under the table at mealtimes, chewed pillows and would not get into the car - not even for a piece of steak. In three visits, we've solved much of the problems or made significant progress-all with a loving approach. Wish we had called Jack a long time ago. His solutions are simple and easy to execute and our dog is responding beautifully. Jack showed us new tools too. It's a bonus that he is so professional and personable with people too. He's a genuine pleasure to work with. We highly recommend him.
Charlotte S., Sammamish, Washington 26th January 2015

Jack is an excellent dog trainer and I would highly recommend his services to anyone having any kind of issues with their dog. Our puppy was experiencing severe separation anxiety and she would bark constantly when left alone in the house. One day we came home to find a note attached to our front door. The note was from several of our town home neighbors basically pleading with us to get the barking under control. My wife was so upset and worried about our unhappy neighbors that she thought that we might have to move. We hired Jack and he worked with us and taught us techniques to ease our puppy's separation anxiety and eliminate the barking. After only 2 sessions with Jack, the problem was resolved! Shortly after that we came home to find another note on our front door, once again from our neighbors, except this note only contained the message "Thank You!". We cannot thank Jack enough for the transformation and progress that he has helped us make with our dog!
Jim N., Issaquah, Washington 15th January 2015

Jack was nothing short of amazing on all counts. We were having issues with our older dog accepting a new puppy into the house and within a very short time was able to give us the skills to correct the problem. Our anxieties were reduced significantly and we have continued to see amazing results. We look forward to continuing to work with Jack and are loving that our older dog and puppy are fast becoming best friends.
George J., Ravensdale, Washington 8th December 2014

Jack is a phenomenal trainer. He is incredibly knowledgeable about dogs and I learned so much on the very first day about both my older dog and my puppy - from how to be the pack leader of the house to potty training the little guy and everything in between. I couldn't believe how quickly (3 tries) he taught my 5 year old dog to not go flying towards the door and bark like crazy when the doorbell rang and on our second session, Jack was able to teach me how to control my 5 year old to not attack another dog. He has already helped our family so much and I cannot wait to see the many more improvements in my fur babies in the future! Thanks so much Jack - you are a life savor!
Mackenzie W., Redmond, Washington 5th December 2014

We have had only two training sessions with Bark Buster�s Jack Knudsen thus far, but the behavior changes in our 10 month old lab, Finn, have been remarkable. Before choosing Bark Busters, we researched trainers exhaustively. What stood out most about Jack was the number of reviews that claimed people had noticed a significant difference in their dog�s behavior after just one session. Sounds too good to be true? We thought so too, and frankly, were in awe that after our first session Jack had our dog understanding his place in our family �pack�. Finn was no longer racing us out the door; jumping on us, the furniture or counters; nipping at our coattails; pulling at the leash; barking for no reason; and so on. When Jack came back the second time, it was more of a �refresher� on those things we had noticed needed a bit more attention/work since the first visit�namely, outdoor leash work�but we were still impressed by the amount of new training techniques and commands Finn had retained from the beginning. Now, after two visits � and just recently hosting a dozen family members for the holiday � we can say with certainty that Jack�s training methods work. With lots of tempting foods and an overwhelming number of people to play with during the holiday, our dog was so obedient that even those who didn�t know we had begun training remarked how well he was behaving. After spending time with Jack during the sessions, one thing we particularly like is that he does not just tell you what to do, he shows you and watches as you try the various training techniques, and then offers useful feedback that can be implemented as you practice training on your own time, outside of his onsite visits. Bark Busters prides itself on a method of training that resembles how dogs instinctively interact in nature. Rather than using force, Jack shows the owners how to use body language and voice control to communicate with your dog in a way that he/she understands. Jack has done an excellent job training not only Finn, but our family as well, and while we are already more than satisfied with the training, we are confident we will continue to see even more improvements in our dog�s behavior as time progresses.
Alex and Renee B., Redmond, Washington 1st December 2014

I had read numerous articles online about dog training behavioral issues with little success. During the initial 2 hour appointment in my home, I had mostly stopped the lease pulling and gained front door doorbell control. I was absolutely amazed at the ease and success in working with Jack Knudsen. I look forward to more continued areas of training.
Kim H., Maple Valley, Washington 10th November 2014

Jack is amazing, what we have learned from Jack and Bark Busters has been life changing in helping our dog be an awesome dog. The training methods are easy and Jack is an excellent teacher for all of us. Its been a wonderful pleasure working with Jack and we would recommend him to anyone (and already have!)
Lisa and Dave L., Bellevue, Washington 10th November 2014

Jack is phenomenal. I came to him with a young blind dog who has tons of energy. She was barking and jumping at everyone who knocked on the door, and within one session she stopped. Nolee has improved so much in such little time, and its all Jack's doing. I truly believe in a natural style, some would call it dog whispering, and that is exactly what Jack does. We didn't use treats or punishment, only used dog-pack mentality type of training to correct any un-appreciated behaviors. This style of training worked unbelievably fast and stuck in my dog's brain, since it was based on natural behaviors: so she didn't just forget everything once the trainer left the house. I am so excited to have found Bark Busters and had Jack as a trainer for my dog Nolee, and definitely would suggest him to anyone who has a problem-child dog.
Larissa B., Kent, Washington 24th April 2014

We are so thankful for finding Jack and Bark Busters. Our German Shepherd boy, Bullet had fear aggression issues toward people and dogs for most of his life. For the safety of Bullet and everyone else (except for family that he acclimated with as a puppy that he felt safe with) we had to keep his world small. We have a large yard for running and playing, and live on a private road to go on walks to control seeing people or dogs. We had previously worked with 2 other trainers with no success for Bullet. At 9 years old his aggression was still getting worse, and he was always anxious. Our veterinarian suggested Bark Busters. We had Jack out for an assessment. Jack worked so wonderful with Bullet! He showed us techniques and training to start using, which we followed through with and used constantly. After weeks of using the Bark Buster methods his anxiety and aggression became better managed. He got to the point that he could focus on us when he would be in a frenzied aggression moment (like a stranger at our gate) and we could give him the ques to feel safe, and lead him to appropriate behavior. With Bullet recently passing away at 12 years old, we wanted to thank Jack for giving Bullet the happiest last 3 years of his life, Jack changed Bullet's life and our lives dramatically. He was able to be a more confident, relaxed, less-fearful dog. We know how much you care about our dogs in need - your dedication and skill are appreciated more that you will ever know!! Thank you Jack!!
Kim S., Maple Valley, Washington 29th March 2014

In December of 2012, my family and I decided to adopt two Dachshunds from a rescue shelter. Within days we were regretting our decision. The dogs were wild animals running all over the house, tearing up the furniture, using the house as a bathroom and biting our children and adults alike. We decided we would have to return the dogs. As a last ditch effort, I contacted the local vet and asked if they could recommend an animal behaviorist. Without hesitation, they provided me with Jack Knudsen's information. I called him on Saturday and Jack agreed to come out to our house on Sunday at no charge to evaluate the situation. When Jack rang the door bell, the dogs went nuts as usual and even started biting his shoes when he walked in. In less than five minutes, Jack had the dogs sitting down and listening as we discussed the situation! My wife and I were amazed and immediately signed up for a year with Jack. Things improved very quickly using Jack's techniques and our dogs no longer bite and are house trained. I would not hesitate recommending Jack to anyone.
Tim M., Maple Valley, Washington 20th March 2014

We adopted Sammy (2 1/2 year old American Pit) and actually had some reservations after the first month. He was aggressive to other dogs and had listening and behavior issues. We joined two different dog training classes to only be asked to not bring Sammy back to class as he was disruptive. We contemplated taking him back, but decided on private lessons and actually found BARKBUSTERS. Without any doubt that was the best decision we have ever made. Jack Knudsen accomplished in four visits what two other dog trainers couldn't even begin to resolve for Sam. Sammy has become an incredible family addition, he is funny, loving, non aggressive to virtually everything that used to set him off. He listens well, learns quickly and is a great family addition. We can not say enough good things about Jack and his training skills - We would recommend him in a minute. We signed up for a year and we will use him as we need him to teach us how to work with Sam. Thank you Jack!
James H., Bellevue, Washington 2nd March 2014
Trainer's Comments
Thank you, Jim. It's been a pleasure helping you show Sam how to drop his fear/aggressive façade and let his sweet, gentle self come through. Jack

We first met Jack with our 90 pound standard poodle, Zack some years ago. Zack was a good, smart dog. He loved people and we couldn't get him to stop rushing to greet anyone at our front door. Having 90 pounds of dog come at a guest was not what we wanted. Within 10 minutes, Jack had our dog sitting quietly near the front door rather than rushing to greet. With just a few hours of training (more of us humans than the dog), we were getting the same results. Jack taught us much about 'being' and 'thinking' like a dog. That was really the key. Toby, a 60 pound standard poodle, came in to our lives 5 years ago. He is a sweet, smart, attentive boy. We applied all that Jack had taught us with our first dog, to Toby. But we were having problems with him -- severe separation anxiety to the point where we left him in the car once in Portland and he tore the roof liner off the inside of the car on the passenger's side. Had he torn about 4" further forward, he would have blown off the side of his face with the airbag propellant. We finally called Jack, wanting to help Toby. We had one session with him and Jack taught us several simple, effective strategies to aid Toby and gave us the key to helping him. A week later we went on vacation to Oregon, and were able to leave Toby quietly in the car while we had dinner, ran errands, etc. We came back to a calm dog, waiting quietly; whereas before Jack's help, Toby would have been frantic upon our return, the windows would have been slimed with nose prints, and the car would stink with dog anxiety. How to sing enough praise about Jack and the Bark Busters' techniques? Jack is a Miracle Worker -- who obviously enjoys his work and is very easy to work with. We highly recommend him to anyone needing help with their dogs.
Sara H., Mercer Island, Washington 8th January 2014

We contacted our local Bark Busters trainer, Jack Knudsen, because we wanted Bella, a 4-yr-old Standard Poodle, to learn leash behaviors so that we would be safe walking her. Coming from the freedom of ranch life as a puppy, she was unused to the come, sit, stay, heel behaviors she needed to walk on leash in our community. After just one 2-hr. session, she was on her way to being (almost) perfectly behaved, even on loose leash. At the next lesson, she stayed with us, no tugging at the leash, following our lead in any direction, stopping on command, waiting, and wagging her tail with joy! She knows to stop and wait at street corners before I give the okay to cross. We give Jack an A+ as a very kind, gentle, expert trainer who knows canine behaviors and what we needed to do to become gentle "pack leaders". Nancy
Nancy S., Redmond, Washington 20th November 2013

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